Can getting an ESA cat helps with OCD

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Now, as you know, this practice is not new. I will explain what the potential benefits animals can give you to deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Episode Notes

Are you tired of getting the impulse to repeat a specific act multiple times?

Or maybe you are tired of the fear of contamination, ruminations, and intrusive thoughts?


Well, your tiredness is on-point because when you are suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) then, you become paranoid with the idea of contamination, dust, and perfection. And as you might assume, “Perfection always ends up being anxious with the imperfections.” It's UNACHIEVABLE folks. You must know how to get an esa letter.



So, when your anxiousness with OCD reaches a peak, you always look for remedies or solutions to overcome it, and here comes the real twist.


Just like the movies, in which a hero comes to save you from all the ads, this emotional support animal can come to your rescue and it's not imaginary but quite true. An emotional support animal with an esa letter online is a huge help for you because they have a pleasant impact on your mind and mental activity. Well, if you know about the connection of animals with humans and their mental disorders then, let's dive into it.


Animal’s History with OCD


How far can you trace the relationship of humans with animals?


Ten years? Fifty Years? A hundred years? Or fifty-five thousand years?


And the correct option is even before 55,000 years and it’s a great amount of time I know. The therapeutic benefits of animals on human health were discovered around the time of Florence Nightingale, who found out in her research that animals can help with anxiety and stress disorders. Later, Freud believed that animals use their sixth sense to detect the changes in human behavior when they are anxious or having a panic attack.


Well, the wisdom here is quite impressive.


After discovering these therapeutic impacts, animals are used as a treatment for dealing with mental health problems and that’s why in all these years, animals act as a specified remedy for OCD issues and much more.


Now, as you know, this practice is not new. I will explain what the potential benefits animals can give you to deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Your ESA is a Therapy Animal


Do you know the difference between an ESA and a normal animal?


The difference is quite simple; an ESA is more than a simple pet, as they provide emotional support to the owner and detect mental health problems, if any are present. Especially, if we talk about dogs, then they are the best kind of animals who are efficient in providing a feeling of love and support to the owner. While with cats, birds, and hamsters, people also get the same emotional satisfaction.


That’s the reason animals are recommended in animal assistance therapy too.


An ESA Contributes to OCD Therapies


Have you heard that psychologists suggest animal assistance for dealing with OCD?


If not, then maybe that’s why you take your pets for granted. Yes, we do take animals for granted because we have no knowledge about their therapeutic qualities. Animals are suggested to people with OCD because they give them the feeling of love and fulfillment which helps to overcome the side effects of anxiety and obsession.


They are regularly used in the therapy sessions at homes (with an esa letter for housing) such as when people feel anxious then animals try to distract them. For example:


·         They will keep you on your feet through their clingy nature


·         You have to be active to fulfill their needs like food and regular walks.


·         They will always be ready to play games with you.


·         They are the best cuddle buddies for you.


Relieve your Nerves and Calm your Senses


Have you heard that animals are capable of producing happy hormones in your body, especially dogs and cats?


Many people are still unaware that cats and dogs are capable of producing oxytocin and dopamine in humans which create the feeling of happiness, love, longing, peace, and comfort in your body and it relaxes your nerves. Imagine, you are going through anxiety or experiencing severe OCD symptoms, and your dog comes and hugs you? What will happen next? You will be consumed by the feeling of love and it will make you less lonely and depressed. The same goes for cats too and in the case of other animals, the feelings of love depend on the person’s likeness for them.


Animals are Major Distractions


OCD is basically caused by anxiety and obsessive nature which is generally fostered by loneliness and overthinking.


So, the best solution for this problem is to distract yourself from the act that you want to do repeatedly and pour your efforts into something else. In this respect, animals are the best source of distraction because they do not only force you to play games with them but also want you to go out on a walk and be active with them around the house. 


Most of the time, they detect the anxious feelings of humans through their sixth sense and they act accordingly, like they can rub against your leg and hug you. They can come on your bed and force you to come out of it, or beg for food multiple times. These are the tricks ESAs with an emotional support animal letter usually do because they know their owner who stays with them 24/7 and they sense the slightest change in their behavior. So, yes, your animal is a good medication for your OCD.


In a nutshell, animals can be a solution for your OCD and they can do their part better than other medicines. So, buckle up and get an ESA for yourself and you will not regret your decision. I am highlighting some important things to consider before getting an esa letteronline.